After more than two decades in the Executive Search
business, I have learned a lot about what goes into a
successful hire. I try to impart my knowledge to both hiring
managers and candidates. Nevertheless, at many job
interviews I find myself listening to questions that make me
cringe and answers that make me want to cry.
Now it's my turn to talk.

Monday, July 2, 2012

American Beer and Revolutionary Thoughts

“Did you know that the real Samuel Adams actually came from a family of brewers?”

The above is an example of the occasional conversational tidbit tossed out on any summer evening by my wife, who is in the process of re-reading John Jakes’ series of novels about American history.  Apparently, Adams was a more successful revolutionary than he was a beer maker.  As a headhunter and an American, I am glad Mr. Adams found his true calling.  But I am also happy that some current-day capitalist, in true American fashion, has found a way to build a better beer and a bigger business; and that in 2012, there is a brewery in his hometown of Boston bearing the Samuel Adams name. Sam Adams the Revolutionary would have been proud.

“Did you know that a round trip between Boston and Philadelphia took about ten days in Revolutionary times, depending on how hard you drove the horse?”

Depending on how hard I drive this horse, I can fly from Chicago to visit a client in Virginia, drive across three states to interview a prospective candidate or two and arrive back home within a 24-hour period.  Thanks to American inventors like the Wright brothers and American industrialists like Henry Ford, our big world has become a lot smaller and our economy truly global.  This means that, for better or worse, we share in the economic fortunes of Europe, China, and the Middle East. In modern times, you can read what I am writing at this moment in a matter of seconds rather than relying on Paul Revere’s messenger service.  And independent Americans can even pay a friendly visit to the mother country without undergoing weeks of seasickness.

“Are you aware that the Revolution really started because of an over-reaching British government and grossly unfair taxation of the colonists?”

Hmmmmm.  No commentary needed.

Because I like to celebrate every holiday for at least a week, I wish you a happy 4th of July week.  Enjoy the fireworks, your family, your hot dogs and hamburgers and cherry pie, and at least one Samuel Adams summer ale.

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