After more than two decades in the Executive Search
business, I have learned a lot about what goes into a
successful hire. I try to impart my knowledge to both hiring
managers and candidates. Nevertheless, at many job
interviews I find myself listening to questions that make me
cringe and answers that make me want to cry.
Now it's my turn to talk.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Girl With the 4-inch Heels

Category: Tips for Candidates

She was a sharp young woman, on the upside of her bright career. Her personality was attractive; her demeanor confident, yet approachable; her social skills beyond reproach. She had obviously been well-coached in manners and behavior.
She was my daughter.
And she was on the phone asking, "Dad, do you think it's okay to wear really high heels to my job interview tomorrow?"
"How high is really high?" I asked.
"Oh, about 4 inches," she replied.
(Insert sigh.)
"Dad, they're designer shoes. Brand new. And really expensive."
Of course.
"K, you have read my book. You know that conservative is always better when it comes to a job interview. 4-inch heels might not fall into the category of conservative."
Then I took a breath and really thought about her question, always a dangerous idea.
My daughter was interviewing for a position with a company in which she had previously worked, with a hiring manager who knew her well. Her potential managers were well aware of her fashion proclivities when they made the decision to ask her for an interview. Was there really a problem with the 4-inch heels?
No. And so I gave the nod to high fashion and really high heels. IN THIS CASE.
All of which is to say that there are few hard, fast rules when it comes to interview attire. But the fact is, and still remains, conservative is always better when it comes to a job interview. If your shoes draw attention from your brain, ditch the shoes for some plain, black (3-in.heel) pumps."
"Dad, what about perfume?"
READ the book!
 It never ends.

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